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The professional world is changing for markets, businesses, and individuals alike.

In the wake of the pandemic, we are facing significant economic insecurity. The demographics of our workforce are changing – with the number of over 60s rising from 12.3% of the global population to 16.4% by 2030 (ONS). We are suffering from diseases of affluence – as countries’ GDP increases, so does the prevalence of non-communicable diseases such as type 2 diabetes and cancer (WHO). And the new forces of stress, isolation and unhappiness have fed rising levels of anxiety (Scientific American, WEF). COVID-19 has amplified these uncertainties, making an invisible threat a reality for people all over the world.

But a resilient business can be a source of security and purpose during these times, a place where employees seek protection from the storm and to find belonging. Employers are used to investing in benefits packages and health insurance as tools for attracting and retaining the right talent, but in the modern day, employees and society expect intelligent alignment with their needs, from social wellness to professional development and mindset growth. And those who do invest in their teams may stand to gain so much more.

In March 2020 we surveyed employers and employees across Europe to understand the provisions, the expectations, and the impact of meaningful health and wellbeing initiatives on employees. We also reveal employer responsiveness to the COVID-19 pandemic — uncovering the strategies that are engendering resilience.

‘A perfect storm has taken shape, a combination of volatility and uncertainty that is difficult for people to manage. The outcomes are ambiguous and the difficulty in navigating through the world can be overwhelming. This can be an enormous source of stress. Companies can be a safe haven — a beacon in the storm — where people can connect to get through difficult times.’

Bas van der Tuyn – Manager for Propositions & Business Development, Aon

The Five Pillars of Wellbeing.

Smart, strategic investment in the health and wellbeing of your people is more than good housekeeping; it is an opportunity to help enable them — and the business — to thrive.

Businesses who empower their staff through social connections, a supportive work environment, and strong professional development programmes, are better placed to deliver wellbeing strategies that are an intrinsic part of the challenges the business faces. Their employees are happier, more confident, have higher mental energy levels, and are more likely to be productive and loyal to their companies. Underlying every rising, resilient business is an understanding of, and a strategy to provide for, each of the five pillars of wellbeing — emotional, physical, financial, professional, and social. It is not enough to ask individuals to be resilient; businesses need to create the culture of resilience.

To hear the stories of organisations who are growing their workforce resilience, and discover the data demonstrating how workforce resilience is driving a new generation of workplaces, download the Rising Resilient report.

Download the report

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