How a culture of resilience is helping businesses combat an uncertain world.

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Amid the backdrop of a global pandemic, businesses that are putting their people first are more likely to thrive. By creating a workplace environment that provides security, motivation, and belonging, they are more able to weather the fiercest of storms. They are rising, resilient.

While many organisations invest in the
wellbeing of their team, few are resilient:


of employees are resilient*


do not feel secure at work*


do not feel able to reach their potential*

* Data from the Aon Rising Resilient survey March 2020.

There is nothing that businesses need more right now than workforce resilience. To achieve this, organisations must reevaluate their approach to the health and wellbeing of their workforce.

Wellbeing alone is not enough. Resilience requires visionary leadership, a continuous dialogue with your workforce, and a well-rounded programme of wellbeing that supports diverse needs. The benefits for employers are clear; only 30% of employees are classed as resilient, yet 93% of resilient employees say they would want to stay with their employer, and 86% of resilient employees feel fully motivated at work. Workforce resilience needs to be placed high on the agenda, as it not only matters to your people, but can unlock your organisation’s potential.

Workplace resilience

Underpinning resilience is a well rounded programme that supports the physical, social, emotional, professional and financial wellbeing of your workforce.

Yet investment in health and wellbeing alone is not enough – to be a truly resilient workforce, your people must feel secure at work, able to reach their potential, and have a sense of belonging within your organisation.

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